Media Literacy Workshop: Reporting on the Circular Economy

The third annual Western Balkans Circular Economy Week is set to take place from May 27 to May 31, 2024. The initiative aims to raise awareness about the importance of circular economy initiatives and ideas, promoting innovative concepts, creative solutions, and sustainable practices that will shape the future of the region.

Throughout the week, organizations from across the Western Balkans, as members of the LogEx community, will conduct a series of parallel activities to promote good practices, share knowledge, and discuss the challenges and opportunities of the circular economy in the region.

The Association Center for Energy, Environment and Resources (CENER 21), as part of the LogEx community, is organizing a workshop titled “Media Literacy Workshop: Reporting on the Circular Economy.”

This workshop is designed to strengthen the understanding of media professionals in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the key principles of the circular economy. It aims to enable journalists, students of journalism, and environmental advocacy professionals in Bosnia and Herzegovina—particularly those actively writing about environmental issues—with the capacity to effectively communicate these ideas to general audiences.

The event will address a critical issue: the underreporting and misreporting on the circular economy. Accurate and responsible journalism plays a vital role in shaping citizens’ understanding of the benefits and practices of the circular economy, yet many media professionals lack the necessary knowledge and skills. This gap in reporting can lead to misconceptions and hinder the adoption of sustainable practices. Therefore, the workshop aims to prepare media professionals with the capacity they need to report on the circular economy accurately and effectively.

This will be executed through three sessions, each focusing on different aspects of reporting on the circular economy:

  • Clarifying key principles and defining ‘buzzwords’

Responsible reporting on the circular economy requires that journalists, along with other key stakeholders, have a clear and coordinated understanding of the key ideas and terms which define the circular economy. This session will cover a range of terms and buzzwords related to the circular economy, ensuring participants gain a clear understanding of these concepts for responsible reporting.

  • Why care about the circular economy?

This session will delve into the broader benefits of the circular economy beyond environmental sustainability. While discussions around circular economies often focus on their environmental advantages, it is crucial to recognize the wider impacts such practices can have on social inclusion, wellbeing, and economic development. The session will highlight the multifaceted ways in which the circular economy positively impacts societies, requiring an understanding of the multiple, interconnected pathways of change it offers.

  • Reporting on the circular economy

Journalists play a crucial role in shaping public understanding and perspectives on topics such as the circular economy. This session will focus on how to report on the circular economy responsibly, ensuring that journalism is accurate, evidence-based, and responsible.

By addressing the gaps in current reporting practices, the workshop aims to foster more accurate, comprehensive, and impactful journalism on the circular economy.

The LogEx community, founded in December 2021, is a partnership committed to bridging the gap between higher education and the employment marketplace in the Western Balkans. By focusing on building human capital, strengthening the circular economy, and promoting sustainable development, the LogEx community aims to create a brighter future for the region.

Members of the LogEx community: The Balkan Forum (WB), Build Green Group (Albania), CENER 21COD Jajce (Bosnia and Herzegovina), CIVIL / Green CIVIL (North Macedonia), Universum International College (Kosovo), YIHR (Serbia), ADP-Zid (Montenegro).

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