Western Balkans Circular Economy Week 2023: Partnership 4 Circularity

The Western Balkans Circular Economy is back! From 22 – 26 May 2023, under the theme “Partnership 4 Circularity” concurrent activities will happen across several WB countries.

As a one-of-a-kind regional initiative that brings together diverse actors – from academia to civil society organizations to media, businesses, experts and more – this event seeks to transform the Western Balkans’ approach towards sustainable development through promoting and implementing circular economy practices.

Organized by Logex Community, an initiative of Balkan Forum, the week-long event is a celebration of innovative ideas, creative solutions, and sustainable practices that will shape the future of the region. We have events, conferences, and initiatives planned throughout the week. At these various formats of activities, participants will connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. The goal is to join efforts to build a stronger circular economy that will lead to reduced unemployment and out-migration in the Western Balkans.

LogEx Community was established in December 2021. It is a partnership for circularity committed to bridging the gap between higher education and the employment marketplace in the Western Balkans. Their joint actions seeks to build human capital, strengthen the circular economy, and promote sustainable development, thus creating a better future for the region and beyond.

More information on the activities on the days to come.

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