How can we maximize the benefits of the tourism season in the Western Balkans

On May 25, 2018, in Center Ville, Podgorica

The Balkan Forum held a video-debate on the topic of Tourism. Present in the debate were the distinguished guest from Montenegro, Macedonia, and Kosovo, representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions that work in the field of tourism. Participants in the debate included:  Damir Davidović- Secretary of State in the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Montenegro; Ana Nives Radović – Director of Tourism Agency in Kotor, Aleksandar Dedović - The Balkan Forum Board Member; Sanja Golubović – Chief Editor of the magazine Caffe Montenegro in Podgorica,  Milo Radonjić- PR Marketing Manager in Centre Ville in Podgorica, Vlado Srbinovski – Director of Balkania in Skopje, Macedonia and Virtyt Gacaferri – Founder of Balkan Natural Adventure in Pristina, Kosovo. 

The topic of the debate was: “How can we maximize the benefits of the tourism season in the Western Balkans.”  Some of the questions posed to the debate participants included: how we can best promote regional tourism, what are the strengths of tourism in our region, how to enhance investments beyond tourist season and how we can best strengthen the transport linkages and how to address the challenges. 

The Balkan Forum will continue to organize such events in the future in order to foster an open discussion for a closer collaboration in the region in the field of tourism.

The video-debate was followed by the Radio Televesion Crna Gora