Regional Visit - May, 2017

In May 2017, The Balkan Forum undertook a regional visit that commenced in Macedonia and continued in Albania, Montenegro and Serbia, where we conducted over 30 meetings and video-interviews with key actors, including partners from civil society, private and public sector, and donor community. Meetings and video-interviews in Skopje, Tirana, Podgorica, and Belgrade, reconfirmed political will and commitment by these actors who provided examples of real efforts by them, their institutions, and other actors to strengthening cooperation across the borders and sectors on these themes, through mutual support, experience exchange, and joint, practical activities, projects and programs. They repeatedly emphasised that there are many things that the region shares, and bring the region together, including diversity, common values and joint vision. For more details, please check our activity section from 10 June where tens of video-interviews will bring the flavour, the spirit and the energy of different actors from the Balkan region who work to advance regional collaboration.


THE BALKAN FILES – Knowledge Database on the Balkans

In partnership with researchers from the region, the Balkan Forum has developed the Balkan Files, a database on regional cooperation. This free online resource serves as a tool for leaders in government, business, media, civil society, and academia looking to accelerate progress on regional development challenges. The database highlights existing and potential cross-border connections and relevant references and legal frameworks for each country as well as the European Union. Have ideas for the Balkan Files or want to get involved? Contact us at info@thebalkanforum.org



In September 2014, in cooperation with the Deputy Minister of Energy and Infrastructure of Albania, the Balkan Forum hosted a regional meeting on energy efficiency in the Western Balkans that brought together regional and European stakeholders to discuss concrete energy efficiency measures and agree on methods of regional energy cooperation including those established by the European Energy Community Treaty. Participants agreed that a regional approach toward energy efficiency is crucial not only in terms of bolstering EU integration processes, but also in creating direct benefits for citizens of the Balkans, such as increasing employment and contributing to stronger regional relations. The delegates defined a set of conclusions, including a goal of building a more proactive and unified voice for the Balkans on energy efficiency. The delegates believe that energy savings and use of local clean energy resources could make the Balkans less dependent on energy imports, thus contributing to a more secure and stable region. Final Report of the Energy Efficiency Regional Meeting, Tirana, September 2014 Conclusions of the Delegates of Energy Efficiency Regional Meeting.