Kosovo's potential for tourism, investments and exploration

Peja, Kosovo
25 October 2017

Building a positive image of a country and promoting its potential for tourism, investments and exploration in regional and global markets requires an ongoing multi-sector approach. This is the case for Kosovo, too, a country that has a lot to offer, from a breathtaking landscape and richness in natural resources, to its history, culture and traditions. The efforts by numerous actors over the years are gradually turning the country into an attractive destination for tourists and investors that helps build local economies and job creation. Its plain fields, mountains, rivers, historic sites, and other attractions, are gaining more prominence internally and internationally placing Kosovo on the map of must-visit countries. Balkan Natural Adventure is among those actors, pioneers, reaching out to prominent international media and attracting tourists and visitors from countries around the world to experience mountain tourism, hospitality and traditional food. Most popular activities include hiking, rock climbing, including the famous Via Ferrata, paragliding, snow-shoeing and ski tracking.


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