Djapo: Regional cooperation is crucial for tourism development

June, 2017
Sarajevo, FBiH

The Tourism Minister of FBiH has no doubts that collaboration in the tourism industry has no alternative, and that the Western Balkan region should promote itself as a one entity. 

Djapo told the Balkan Forum that the many touristic joint projects are in the process of developing, and the problems that ministries and governments might be facing during the implementation is the lack of infrastructure.

“The problems we’re facing is for instance establishing air connections, and visa regime,” she informs, however changes are ongoing, Bosnia and Herzegovina has changed visa regime for Arab countries, whereas Serbia has established air connections with Sarajevo and China, which Djapo sees as very positive.

According to Djapo, tourism represents an industry which has a big potential to fight migration of 
Balkan people to the west, especially from rural parts of the country.

As a perfect example of this idea, she mentions the Via Dinarica project, which is going to promote rural and mountain tourism throughout the region.
“(this project) will give more jobs and education for the people who live in rural areas to better sell their products,” Djapo told the Balkan Forum, as she sees Via Dinarica and tourism as an opportunity for preserving the provincial life of Bosnia and Herzegovina from uncontrolled migration to the cities.

“It’s absolutely clear to everyone that regional cooperation can bring only good to everyone,” 

Djapo concluded and added that the region is absolutely ready to work together.. 

According to her, there are no problems among the neighboring countries to work together on joint projects.

“It’s better if they (the investors) look at us as one region, than as tiny, separated countries”, Djapo concluded. 

Video Interview with Edita Djapo 


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