Changing the attitude in regards to the Environment: Why move from "Black" to " Green" energy

Zsolt Bauer, is a Branch Manager for Europe - The Climate Reality Project in Hungary. In the interview, Mr. Bauer points out that as a society we need to shift our thinking and action towards changing the status-quo from greenhouse gases to renewable energy. In this regard, Mr. Bauer points out that we as a society every day we pollute our environment with 110 million tons of greenhouse gases which is equivalent to 400 thousand nuclear bombs like that of Hiroshima. Therefore, we need to take action and change the lifestyle we have because in 50 years from now we might not be able to sit where we are sitting today as it will be covered by the sea. Consequently, closing power plants and coal mines, in a way that we provide a just transition for those who are under stress that they will lose their jobs is a solution that we should always consider. As such, we help them to transform their jobs that potentially can be connected to renewable energy and we can improve our lives in the future. 

Furthermore, Mr. Bauer states that saving energy is one of the main actions that we can take, however, we are all citizens and as such we all have voting power. We have the right to vote for politicians, thus, we need to pressure them to have a plan for renewable energy and dealing with climate change. He believes that if we are always asking our politicians how we can solve this problem, after a while they have to change the way they develop messages and make decisions. 

Finally, Mr. Bauer says that in Central-eastern Europe and Central Europe, the lifestyle that people are used to living until now is a big challenge that we need to surpass. Our homes are not isolated properly, our energy systems are outdated, out attitude and behavior is not up to 21st Century. Thus, we need to reconsider our lifestyle and how we consume, not only energy but also the food that we eat. If we turn away from this trend of fast fashion it means that we are changing the attitude and as individuals, we can contribute to the solution as well. Subsequently, Mr. Bauer considers that we need to understand that there is life beyond coal and fossil fuels. Countries like Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro need to work towards shifting this attitude as such, turned into a future from “black” to “green.” This would give an opportunity to the development of eco-tourism and thus, attract visitors from Western Europe and from the world to visit the countries and show environmental values.  

Interview with Zsolt Bauer