Artists go beyond borders and music has no barriers

29 September, 2017
Skopje, Macedonia 

One's good and positive thoughts aiming the comprehensive good and the mutual comprehensive benefit of all people is more than welcome!

Director of Radio "Bubamara", Ranko Petrovic stated for The Balkan Forum that artists go beyond the borders and music does not recognise barriers.
He also stated that no differences are made when choosing and broadcasting regional and worldwide songs which are also interpreted in many countries.

"Everyone who is interested in music and what works with culture is part of the world. So the music has no boundaries, the culture has no boundaries. Generally everyone's good thoughts and positive thoughts for general goods, for the common goods of all people - is welcome".

According to him, world is a global village where music and culture is a bounding connection of the world and therefore, Radio "Bubamara" is broadcasting music various regional and world famous music.

Watch Video Interview with Ranko Petrovic 


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