2017-06-29 / Sarajevo, Bosnia

The young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina stand up for quality of education and a region without borders.

2017-06-29 / Sarajevo, Bosnia

The Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has no doubts that the only way to overcome the current obstacles that his country is facing, is the collaboration of different entities both on local and regional level.

2017-09-29 / Skopje, Macedonia

Various companies often conduct their repetitive work on the daily basis, but Marketing & Advertising McCann company from Skopje definitely could not be considered as one of them.

2017-12-29 / Pristina, ksovo
2017-09-09 / Skopje, Macedonia

Petrovic: Generally everyone's good thoughts and positive thoughts for general goods, for the common goods of all people - is welcome!

2017-06-29 / Sarajevo, FBiH

The Balkan region is entering a new era of communication, the less barriers, the better says Dzindic.

2017-07-01 / Zagreb, Croatia

The head of a successful energy institute in Croatia says their success was possible thanks to regional cooperation

2017-10-02 / Pristina, Kosovo

Loxha: At Raiffeisen Bank, the record has been over eight hundred people for a position

2017-07-01 / Zagreb, Croatia

A young activist from Croatia sees great potential in collaboration locally and regionally trough the project of ethical banks.

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