Western Balkans have a lot to offer, but new energy is needed

Niksic, Montenegro

Aleksandar Dedovic, the director of ALFA center in Niksic, Montenegro, and Balkan Forum board member says that the wind of change in the region will come together with the new, regional – oriented generation.

“It is of the highest importance that for the future and stability of the entire region that young people consider differences as blessing, that they understand different cultures, because they’ll be making very important decisions for the entire region in the future.

According to him Western Balkan region needs a brand new model, energy, strength and a region – wide oriented youth.

“In my opinion, this (issue) is of a crucial importance, as good neighbors here will be also good neighbors for the EU,” Dedovic stressed out.

As a positive outcome of regional cooperation Dedovic elaborates example of Croatia and Montenegro collaboration on Montenegro joining NATO alliance. He stresses out that Montenegro while joining NATO alliance was supported in many different ways by Croatia.

“Croatia has offered Montenegro all expertizes, knowledge and experience in this regard. It is also worth mentioning that Montenegro used translations of documents completely free of charge (…) That said I think that now Montenegro is obliged to offer the same level of help and support to the other states in the region,” Dedovic concluded.

Dedovic is hoping Montenegro to join the EU as soon as possible, so the people can start enjoying the benefits of borderless regions  in the nearby future.

Video Interview with Aleksandar Dedovic