We need positive emotions to reshape the spirit and energy of the whole region"

Selmo Cikotić works as an Advisor to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Moreover, he has served as the Defence Minister of the country during the years (2004-2007). In this interview Mr. Cikotić talks about the importance of using our diversity in the region as an asset to cooperate for a brighter future of the region, as in the end we all share similar values and past. 

Indeed, Mr. Cikotić emphasises the importance of the media as a powerful tool to help change the discourse of The Balkan Region’s portrayal. He states that the media in general is focused more on sharing the negative aspects of the region rather than positive. There is a number of initiatives which have been taken and have been successful for which media does not pay attention to. 

Moreover, Mr. Cikotić stresses out that the Balkan region needs to have leadership at all levels that simply follows the logic that inclusion is better than exclusion; integration better than fragmentation; cooperation better than confrontation. The dark is not going to be defeated by dark, and hate will not be defeated by hate. Therefore, we need to have some light and positive attitude to reshape the spirit of the region to cooperate with one another for a better future. 

Mr. Cikotić sincerely believes in the capacity of the region to perform better than so far in all fields. For example, in the economy, he says that our governments need to have same exchange in the field of economy. We need to get rid of barriers that now exist for cooperation. But the same is valid for other fields of cooperation. 

Mr. Cikotić hopes that with time the wisdom will prevail and the region will adopt a sound approach to ensure positive cooperation with one another for a better future for all.