Video-interview with an amazing group of people from Macedonia and Poland.

Prishtina, Kosovo

18 August 2017

“Every language is a little treasure. Actually, all the Balkans have soul.”

A very pleasant coincidence at the University of Pristina. We met Mr. Zvonko Dimoski, Academic, from Macedonia, and his colleagues and students from Poland: Ms. Agata Prochowska, Ms. Eliza Danielewska, Ms. Monika Zdrzalek, Mr. Dawid Duda, Ms. Olga Gortych, Ms. Ewa Żero, who came to Kosovo to attend the seminar on Albanian language held annually by the Faculty of Philology of the University of Prishtina.

A really interesting perspective by this group of people, on languages; their impressions about Kosovo and people; how media in Poland portrays the situation, and what people in Poland think about Kosovo; and contradictions with the reality that they found. 

Also, they speak about opportunities, interest and willingness to find job, live and work in Kosovo and the Balkans; and how they have already started exploring business opportunities that connects different business industries from 2-3 or more countries.

For more, listen to their views.  



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