The people of the Balkan Region as agents of change

Damon M. Wilson is the executive Vice President of the Atlantic Council in the United States. In his interview, Mr. Wilson talks about the undoubted support that the United States government has in regards to strengthening the Balkan region. Indeed, Mr. Wilson focused his interview on emphasizing that there is a great momentum for the prosperity of the region and civil society and the people have the power to be the agents of change for a a brighter and stable future for the region. 

Moreover, Mr. Wilson said that the region needs to work on a common strategy, that is focused on cooperation and integration of all countries into NATO and EU and this is the right way forward for the region. Moreover, he stresses out that the region is going through an historic transformation and process that will at the end end up bringing people of this region eventually together. 

Further, the advancement in the security agenda of the region has been very important, with countries like Slovenia, Croatia, Albania and Montenegro as part of the Atlantic Council. This fact provides a prosperity and insurance creating a support for a more prosperous agenda. 

Indeed, it is important to emphasize the role of the civil society energy, and their vibrant work done in this regards which has had a huge impact in the region, insuring a more promising future and progress. As such, there has to be a pathway that directs the people to believe that their future is in this region. They have to understand that they can have a respective dignity, they can raise their families here and have will have a successful career here. 

Although there are both the challenge and the opportunity for the region, I am ready to take a bet on the people of this region and have them be the engines of this process.

Video Interview with Damon M. Wilson