The attitude of openness and cooperation should be kept at very high level

16 May, 2017
Skopje, Macedonia 

Dr. Marija Risteska – “most important is the attitude of openness and cooperation that should be kept at very high level. And, maturity and curiosity of what others are doing and how can we collaborate and learn from each other. Regional cooperation is key to solving joint problems since almost none of them belongs to one country only.”

CRPM aims to build synergies between businesses, research community, government, and for cooperation to be cross-border and cross-sector. 

CRPM is part of network of schools for political studies supported by CoE in education, human capital, energy sector, which is a good regional cooperation initiative that should be promoted more.

Such initiatives include schools of political studies from Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro that have been involved in a project supported by GIZ, German MFA, focusing on policy dialogue on energy efficiency and climate change. An initiative on labour market by Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania using expertise and transferring the experience to Kosovo and Albania on hidden economy. And, initiative on increasing employability of vulnerable of social groups, a project that has been implemented in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Video interview with Dr. Marija Risteska

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