Roundtable with journalists from the Balkan region

On 9 November 2018, we held a roundtable in Podgorica with prominent journalists from the Balkan region including Aida Cerkez, OCCRP, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Daphne Tolis, freelance photographer and journalist, Greece; Lavdim Hamidi, Zëri, Kosovo; Milica Marinović, Al Jazeera, Montenegro; Miodrag Čvorović, Insajder, Serbia; Saša Kosanović, freelance journalist, Croatia. The roundtable centred on the importance of successful models and positive news on cross-border dialogue and cooperation; the effects of media coverage; how we can support the cooperation between the media in the region, and build on existing experiences and models. The key conclusions included: there needs to be a focus on a few topics that connect the region, specifically the economic ties between the countries; positive news require a more personal approach; working closely with producers is imperative; educating the new generation of journalists is essential, as is mentoring; and there is a need to implement a system of shared values, critical thinking and transfer of knowledge. 


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