Regional tourism – Shar and Korab Mountains, Alps, and Mount Olympus; hiking, food, climate, geography

Leonida and Metodi speak passionately about their work and regional tourism. They stress the importance of connecting on government, NGO, business sector, individual level among the countries in the region; the need to know each other better; establishing standards that ensure the quality of services provided to tourists that visit the region; establishing association of guides, and association of alternative tourism operators, that could connect among themselves.

They highlight the great potential that the region has such as diversity, the mountains, the geography, the climate; ski touring, hiking and food as a cultural experience; the politics and history as well as the known and not well known bits of the region. And, historical landmarks, natural monuments and unbelievable places including the highest peaks in the region such as Musala in Bulgaria; Sar Mountain, one of the biggest pastures in Europe, 80 KM long shared between Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania; Korab Mountain, the highest peak in both Macedonia and Albania; Alps in Albania, shared between Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo; and Mount Olympus in Greece, the home of gods.

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