Maja Tesić AWARDED 1st prize for THE BEST Regional v-log on Circular Economy

The Balkan Forum AWARDED Maja Tesić with the 1st prize for producing THE BEST Regional video-log (Vlog) on Circular Economy as part of the competition Empowering environmentally-friendly initiatives on circular economy - 2021.

What is Circular Economy?

Learn how each one of us with concrete actions can contribute to global, regional and local policies on Circular Economy, Green Agenda for the Western Balkans, EU Green Deal, UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Learn how our actions and attitudes have a positive or negative social and environmental impact; how each one of us can contribute, with little effort, to healthier environment and sustainable development.

We can do this in many ways, with a little effort and change in our attitudes, by for example: reducing waste (including food waste), saving energy and water, planting trees, keeping our gardens and neighborhoods clean (including schools), reusing and recycling (paper, glass, wood, plastic, clothes and other products), using public transportation and bicycles.