LogEx Community Inauguration

On 15 December 2021, we convened in Budva with our partners from the Western Balkans to inaugurate the LogEx Community.
LogEx Community will involve universities/academics, civil society organizations and business actors from the Western Balkans and its diaspora to address the gap between higher education and employment marketplace in the region.
It will also facilitate shared learning and collaboration and work to build human capital, strengthen a circular economy, reduce unemployment and out-migration.
LogEx's Action Plan for 2022 prioritizes:
1) Joint research to promote research on circular economy, labor market and education;
2) Capacity building for young entrepreneurs with an emphasis on laying the foundations of a circular economy;
3) Education, awareness raising and advocacy;
4) Building relationship and working with regions diaspora, public and private sector;
5) Incubating innovative ideas for social entrepreneurship with a focus on waste reduction/management, environment protection and renewable technologies.