How to develop a successful business that can grow regionally

Ms. Kristina Ercegović speaks about her business – what it takes to develop a successful business and potential to expand it in the region. She stresses the weaknesses in the education system - that education system does not respond to the needs of the economy (labour market), and mentions young people “the digital generation”, unexperienced and young people/graduates, and how businesses/institutions deal with problems instead of dealing and attracting talent, in other words identifying and investing in “the stars”.  

Ms. Ercegović believes that businesses that will be successful are those that understand that the real source of comparative advantage is people. 

She speaks about the potential that region offers and industries such as tourism, agriculture and Information Technology (IT), and how Belgrade is perceived as New York in the Balkans; that Zagreb this year is a European destination while last year was Zadar; that Croatia is in the top 10 world destinations while Vojodina has potential to “feed half of Europe”; that our people are smart and resourceful, and some who can’t really get along in our system but achieve very good results in other countries.

Video interview