Good experience and real potential for work and cooperation

Pristina, Kosovo 

Anja Zivković says “I am an attraction in Kosovo – a Serb that speaks Albanian”. She is from Leskovac, currently residing in Belgrade and studying Albanian language and literature. She speaks Albanian fluently, as evidenced in this video-interview. And, loves Balkan languages. 

She attends annual seminars on Albanian language held in Pristina annually by the Faculty of Philology of the University of Prishtina. She speaks passionately about her experience in Kosovo; her hesitation before she first visited Pristina; how comfortable and at home she feels after several visits; about the common things that she found; and contacts and friendships that she has created.

Anja plans to continue studies. She initially thought of working as a translator/interpreter but now is starting to change her mind and thinks that there is a greater potential that could expand to building relationship and cooperation in culture by supporting the promotion and translation of theatre plays and having actors to perform in different languages of the region, through which they would learn the language of each-other and through this learn about the culture.


Interview with 22 years old student  - Anja Zivkvić