Funds are annually allocated to us by the state budget and we annually employ 5500-6000 people.

19 May, 2017
Tirana, Albania

Ms. Genta Qosja Prodani, the General Director of employment policies, Albanian Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, speaks about some of the common features in the region and cooperation; about youth unemployment which in Albania is about 28%; highlights that ministry is part of regional initiatives, and has cooperation agreement with Kosovo. That the ministry is working on the reform of vocational education since 2014, so that vocational education adapts to the labor market, and that very important donors such as the European Union, the Swiss, German and Austrian governments support them in this and in the creation of schools of excellence, models that exist in the countries of Europe as well. The support that they receive from UNDP, too.

She says that Macedonia has a successful professional and hopes to have their experience as well.

She stresses the importance of cooperating with private sector, including the fruitful cooperation that they have with businesses to employ those who are less employable, young graduates, women (especially women households, with children), Roma, people with limited abilities.

Ms. Qosja Prodani elaborates on the funds that are allocated to them every year from the state budget, and that the ministry employs 5500-6000 per year; and that cooperation with businesses has been extended to include school boards that are run by the business, for example, tourism school - the chairman of the board is chairman of the Business Association.

Genta Qosja Prodani - Video Interview