1) Are you a passionate young activist from the Western Balkan region?

2) Are you enthusiastic in supporting environmentally-friendly initiatives in your region?

3) Do you believe in the power video/v-logs in empowering these initiatives and raising awareness of Circular Economy?

 If this applies to you, The Balkan Forum has opened this call which accepts short videos (v-logs) from young citizens of the WB6 which share a comprehensive opinion or shed light on circular economy.

 For suggested topics for your v-log, references to previous actions and initiatives contributing to Circular Economy, and examples of previous v-logs submitted to The Balkan Forum you'll find the PDF link at the bottom of this announcement.

 The criteria for the submission of your v-log are as follows:

*Be a citizen in one of the Western Balkans 6 countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia), and/or a citizen of WB6 residing in EU/US/other countries;

*Include your own story or shed the light on your contribution to circular economy/environment for example: reducing food; waste, recycling and reusing of material such as paper, plastic, glass, wood, furniture, technological devices, etc; re-using or donating clothes to family, friends, people in need or second-hand shops; reusing of material for creating artistic products; saving energy; protecting the environment; recycling waste; maintaining a clean environment, amongst others;

*The video log should be up to 3 minutes long done on mobile phone, or camera;

*The entire video log should be recorded in a landscape orientation and at least 640 X 480 resolution;

*V-log can be recorded in local language or in English;

*V-log encompasses a non-discriminatory and non- stereotypical language (vlogs containing dirty, foul, and offensive language are subject to immediate disqualification);

 The best video logs will be awarded a symbolic prize.

1st prize: 150 euros (7 awards: one per each WB6 country and one regional)

2nd prize: 100 euros (7 awards: one per each WB6 country and one regional)

3rd prize: 50 euros (7 awards: one per each WB6 country and one regional)

 *If you are willing to learn how to record video-logs as you practice, here are the 'instructions on how to record video-logs' 

Also, feel free to contact us at info@thebalkanforum.org for further help (Please note we will only be able to provide help regarding the technical aspect but not in regards to the topic you choose or the recording itself).

Please submit your v-log, your photo and a short bio via email at info@thebalkanforum.org until August 21, 2021, 23:59 (CET).