Egzona Bokshi: (Kosovo students) need a visa to get a visa

"I got my scholarship in two days my scholarship will start and I will not be able to attend in Belgium physically, because of the visa issue (I actually need a visa to get a visa).

Other panellists said that they are frustrated, they are angry and that this whole process is shameful, but for me everything is doubled, because from the beginning you see how unequal you are to other young people in the region. If you would check all the service, all the data, the citizens of Kosova are usually the citizens most pro EU programs, more pro EU language more pro EU narratives, but then you have exactly these citizens who are not able to travel to EU.  I actually came to a point when I said, ok maybe I should just decline my scholarship, because there is a huge bureaucracy that we have to go through in order just to be there.  

Question from moderator: And will you have to decline it, or can you keep it? No, I will not, because this would mean that I gave up, and I will not, and it is funny because my scholarship it is funded, it is an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, so it is funded by the European Commission."