Award Ceremony 2021 - Vlogs on Circular Economy

At this online (Zoom) ceremony that will take place on 29 October 2021, from 11:00 to 12:30, we will be announcing the winners of the regional video-log (v-log) competition on Circular Economy which provided an opportunity to young people from the Western Balkans region to submit their
short v-logs.

Invitees include young people, Civil Society Organisations, businesses and donors from the region and the event will be live-streamed in the Balkan Forum's social media.

The program will include:

  • Intro by the Balkan Forum: competition, process and purpose;
  • Short-video collection of v-logs submitted by young people;
  • Announcement of winners;
  • Display of the winning v-logs (each 3 minutes long);
  • Short speech by the winners.

To attend, please confirm your participation at by 27 October 2021, and/or register on Zoom 

In July 2021, we published an Open Call titled Empowering environmentally-friendly initiatives: for best short video (Vlog) on Circular Economy, with the aim of inviting young people in the Western Balkan region to share their own stories or shed light on their contribution to circular economy/environment for example: reducing food waste; recycling and reusing of material such as paper, plastic, glass, wood, furniture, technological devices, etc; re-using or donating clothes to family, friends, people in need or second-hand shops; reusing of material for creating artistic products; saving energy, water and natural resources; protecting/maintaining a clean environment; recycling waste, amongst others.
Vlogs, up to 3 minutes long, recorded on mobile phone, or camera and in a landscape orientation and at least 640 X 480 resolution, in local language or in English were submitted by interested young people until August 2021. 
The best three video logs (country/regional) will be awarded a symbolic prize:
1. 150 euros 
2. 100 euros 
3. 50 euros