A small example to promote the qualification of labor force in our region

18 May, 2017
Tirana, Albania

The National Agency of Vocational Education Training and Qualifications (NAVETQ/AKAFP) of Albania is part of the Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe (ERI SEE) which is a regional platform for cooperation in the field of education and training. We have a secretariat in Belgrade that meets once per year and we are currently focusing on developing a regional project for which we are meeting intensively and seeking funds for it.

AKAFP is developing standards for the professions that are of joint interest for countries of the region such as construction, food technology, tourism and agriculture. We aim to have a similar professional qualification in the whole region so that it provides opportunities to students to work not only in their countries, but in the neighbouring countries as well.

This is a small example to promote the qualification of labor force in our region not only for certain countries but for the whole region as a common market.

AKAFP has regular exchange and activities with Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo.  

Video Interview with Sonila Limaj 

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