A regional energy market would bring far more benefits and a greater choice for consumers to more efficient and cheapest source

19 May, 2017
Tirana, Albania 

Mr Ilir Bejtja, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Energy and Industry of Albania stresses how an open Balkan could be far more efficient; and that a regional energy market would bring far more benefits in terms of the cost that countries have to guarantee the energy to bring it to the consumer, but also direct profits by creating more energy sources where each country bringing its specificity, and a greater choice for consumers in this market to the more efficient and cheapest source. 

He talks about the investment by the government and businesses of about 480 million euros in the entire power system and about 1.5 billion euros in renewable energy or energy efficiency; and about Albania’s role as part of the Western Balkans 6 (WB6) Berlin Process for the creation of regional transport corridors and regional energy corridors.

And, emphasis on the Ionian-Adriatic pipeline from Croatia to Albania, including really ambitious choices in terms of partnerships with TAP; DESFA of Greece; GASUNIE - Dutch, multinational; cooperation with Kosovo ALKOGAP; and with Macedonia.

Video Interview - Ilir Bejtja