"When the employer offers the best, the workers don't leave their jobs"

2 October, 2017
Pristina, Kosovo 

Loxha: At Raiffeisen Bank, the record has been over eight hundred people for a position

Genc Loxha, HR & learning development, Raiffeisen Bank, told for the Balkan Forum, that the bank that he envisions has a large number of employees. The characteristic of this bank is that there is a small number of workers leaving the workplace.

"The record has been over eight hundred people for a position, but it depends on the position. In the positions that are more specific, less people apply, because less people have those skills. We seek for personality traits from a person, because we think that some technical skills can be learned in the meantime. Meaning, the combination of these two, having the right personality for that position, the right profile, and some pre knowledge, help in getting selected in the narrow circle. "

Loxa says that we often have to make some moves to encourage the employees to extend their knowledge to other jobs as well. Barrier for training and labor exchange opportunities are visas.

Among other things, Raiffeisen Bank created a waiting list, which has the names of practitioners who have shown potential in the past, and when a position is needed, they first refer to that list.

Loxha suggests this practice to other institutions as well, because according to him this is a very good way of fundamentally based on principles and without nepotism. 


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